Conway Area Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
4/4/2020   Conway, Arkansas Farmer's Market
5/11/2020   Walk to Remember
8/26/2020   Threads Through Time at the Baum
9/1/2020   Great Arkansas Cleanup
10/1/2020   Origins of COVID-19 Fact & Fiction
10/6/2020   Know Before You Go: Understanding the FAFSA Application Process
10/6/2020   Suffrage Centennial Event: Reception Acorns Project
10/7/2020   Simon Tam, Musician, Lecturer, Activist
10/8/2020   China’s Response to Coronavirus
10/8/2020   Arkansas Racial Equity Summit
10/13/2020   CEO Luncheon: A Panel Discussion with Local Restaurants
10/13/2020   Estates, Wills and Trusts
10/15/2020   Confronting Anti-Asian Racism in Communities and Classrooms
10/17/2020   Introduction to Mixed Media Art Journaling
10/17/2020   Suffrage Centennial Event: CitiZine Workshop
10/18/2020   The Morality of Pandemic
10/20/2020   Virtual Business Series
10/20/2020   Annual Meeting 2020
10/20/2020   Suffrage Centennial Event: Sing Along & Persona Poetry
10/22/2020   WLN - 10 Ways to Network Online
10/22/2020   Suffrage Centennial Event: Core Dance Performance
10/22/2020   The Future of U.S. – China Relations
10/24/2020   Halloween Bash for the Community
10/24/2020   Introduction to Landscape Painting with Acrylics
10/25/2020   The Salvation of Plague
10/27/2020   Understanding Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease
10/28/2020   Ribbon-Cutting: Chicken Salad Chick
10/29/2020   Suffrage Centennial Event: Sharon Louden, Lecture


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